Rolling / Overhead Doors

For over thirty years, American Door has been manufacturing, installing and servicing rolling door products. We offer a wide variety of door types and slat configurations, which we custom manufacture for each particular customer need.

American Door Contols all aspects of the design and fabrication of your rolling service door. We use quality materials, expertly machined and fabricated to strict tolerances. Our quality control personnel inspect each door, before it leaves the factory, to ensure that it will provide years of proper operation. All of American Door manufactured products come with a one year warranty against any defect in materials, construction, or workmanship.

American Door standard Rolling Steel Service Doors are designed to provide many years of reliable operation. These units can be used for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, interior, and exterior applications, including retail storefronts, shipping and recieving areas, and exit doors. Our products are also suited for parking lots, warehouses, schools and more.

Constructed of galvanized steel flat slats (2-3/4" high x 3/4" deep) with a baked on grey finish. Slats are recommended in one of the following tghree standard gauesges:

24 gauge: For curtains up to 8'4" wide

22 gauge: For curtains from 8'4" up to 20'4" wide

20 gauge: For curtains from 20'4" up to 24'4" wide

American Door rolling service doors come with three possible types of operation:

Motorized • Manually Chain Operated • Manual Push-Up

Steel DoorWeather-Protection Doors
American Door Weather-Protection Rolling Steel Service Doors are weather-stripped versions of our standard rolling steel doors. These doors minimize infiltration of rain and airborne particles, and retain all the strength and security of our standard doors. They are fully weather-stripped at the sill, hood, and guides.



Insulated DoorsInsulated Doors

American Door
Insulated Rolling Steel Service Doors combine energy efficiency with structural strength and durability, and keep facility heat loss to a minimum. The insulated door curtains are constructed of a standard gauge front slat and a 24 gauge back slat, enclosing sections of 5/8" rigid polyurethane insulation. Front and back slats are finished with a baked-on gray finish.



Perforated DoorsPerforated Doors

American Door Perforated Rolling Steel Service Doors are popular for retail storefronts, where off hours visibility is desired for merchandise and interiors. American Door’s slat configuration combines the maximum security of a steel door with the visibility and ventilation of a grille. These doors are frequently used for warehouses and loading docks, where doors need to remain closed, but airflow in the building must be maintained. The door curtains are constructed of galvanized 20 gauge steel perforated flat slats, with round perforations of .074" diameter on 110"