Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters are permanently installed and can be used throughout the year offering complete storm protection,    security, sunshade and noise reduction for any window, door or patio opening.  Available in extruded aluminum or double-walled foam filled aluminum, these shutters can be easily controlled from the interior or exterior of the structure using a hand crank or electric motor.  The shutters can be rolled to any desired position with ventilation when not entirely closed.  Whether you're preparing for the storm or just     protecting your home while you are away the roll shutters will save you time when you are ready to close up and go. 

Rolling shutters use a series of slats that roll up into a     housing for storage. The slats, when rolled down, are guided by tracks on each side. Each installation must have adequate space for side tracks up to 3" each side and room for a hood at the top, 6" - 12" depending on the height of the opening.
American Garage Door Stores Rolling Shutters are the most convenient and popular storm and security protection      available today. This is a product easily designed into your home so there is little or no visual proof they are there until you close them.

Rolling style shutters can be installed easily on existing  buildings regardless of the type of installation, the benefits are the same.

Rolling shutters can be operated using electric motors, manual gears or a pull-tape system. Roll shutters can be   operated inside or outside of the building. A multiple roll-shutter installation using electric motor operators can have a central control system that will open and close shutters on a schedule or automatically close all shutters if the wind exceeds a preset limit.

Rolling Shutter Features
Most popular shutter product
"Built in" no visual impact
Easy to install on any existing home
Electric or manual operation
Central control systems available
Easy operation from inside our outside the home
Provides excellent security
Most versatile protection product
Covers openings up to 16 ft. wide and 15 ft. high
Special sizes available upon request
4 standard colors and unlimited custom colors
Excellent sound control
Convenient Light control
Improved insulation from heat and cold

Rolling Shutter Install Specifications

Rolling Shutter Slat Windload